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About me [English!]

Name: Yasemin
Nickname: Yazoo
Birthday: 09.12.95
Birthplace: Hamburg, Germany
Sexuality: Bisexuell
Relationship: Yes.
Colour of Hair: Black & red dyed - natur brown ^^
Colour of Eyes: Really really really dark Brown like black xD
Nationality: German/Turkish
Languages: German, English, Türkish (more than less xD) - Spanish & French in school - Learned japanese for a while
Hobbys :Edit Videos, RPG & Cosplay
Music: Rock, J-rock, Screamo, (
forced K-pop...>_>)
Favorit band: Three Days Grace & The Gazette <3
Favorit Anime: Naruto, Digimon, Death Note, Elfenlied, Kuroshitsuji, Ao no Exorcist
Favorit Manga: Junjou Romantica, A foreign love affair, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (Shonen Ai Freak..xD)

That's some things, if you got questions, just ask ^-^

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Name statement | Namenserklärung  
  Mumei 無名 is the japanese Word for "Nameless", "Anonym".
I don't know, how to named the Homepage,so i've taken this ^-^

Mumei 無名 ist das japanische Wort für "Namenlos", "Anonym".
Mir fiel kein Name für die Homepage ein, also hab ich das genommen ^-^
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